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What makes Bea unique in our range?

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Bea revolutionises office interiors with its unparalleled design, showcasing a distinctive shape highlighted by the innovative angled roof. This architectural feature not only elevates the visual appeal but also transforms the workspace dynamics, providing a unique sense of openness. Bea's angled roof contributes to a refreshing departure from conventional office structures, making it a standout feature in contemporary office landscapes. Its unique design serves as a focal point, setting Bea apart as an avant-garde and dynamic addition to modern workplaces, perfect for those seeking an innovative and visually striking office solution.

In addition to its aesthetic prowess, Bea prioritises user customization, integrating adjustable lighting and ventilation features. The inclusion of these elements allows individuals to tailor their workspace to their exact preferences, aligning with the evolving needs of today's diverse workforce. Discover how Bea's unique shape, coupled with customisable features, can transform your office space and elevate the employee experience.

  • Acoustic Rating

    All meeting pods reduce sound up to 32dB.

  • Ventilation

    The adjustable fan helps keep the air fresh inside the pod.

  • Premium Table Top

    Choose from a wide range of coloured and wood laminate.

  • Lights

    PIR LED lights with remote sensors to save energy.

  • Fabric Safety

    100's of our fabrics and foam insulations are tested to 'crib 5'. Others available on request.

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Configure your Bea

Customise the fabrics and seating of your meeting pod.

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Bea office pod utilises simple clean lines and deep soft cushions to create an extremely comfortable and homely range of pods and booths. The pitched roof gives the Bea meeting pod height adding to the office landscape.

There are various standard and optional extras with the Bea office both products including:

  • Premium finish table top
  • Lights with PIR
  • Ventilation
  • Glass door wall
  • Glass end wall
  • White steelwork
  • Power options
  • No floor*
  • Castors**
  • TV bracket***
  • Matching fabric roof cover****

*Only available when specified with an end wall.

**Castors cannot be used with glass walls. Castors require the pod to have a floor.

***Non-adjustable, VESA 100x100 compatible max screen size 42".

****All pods are supplied with a black roof cover as standard.


18mm spruce ply
9mm MDF

10mm foam*
10mm tempered glass
Fabric upholstery*

Acoustic foam*
Fabric upholstery*
MFC board
Carpet tiles*

*materials meet and exceed UK fire rating standards.

How We Work

Order Confirmation
On receipt of a clear purchase order an order confirmation will be emailed within 24 hours. Any discrepancies on the Order Confirmation need to be raised immediately.

Lead Time
On most standard products lead time is 4 - 6 weeks. If you require delivery sooner, get in touch and discuss with our team, we do our best to meet the tightest deadlines.

Quality Control
Very occasionally things go wrong, if you are not happy with any aspect of the product / service please get in touch. We are very proud of our products and want you to be too. We will get back to any issues within 24 hours with a detailed plan of action.

Delivery and Install Options
We offer standard delivery as well as out of hours (evening and weekends). Please contact us for pricing.

Customer Services
We are here to help. We are friendly and love talking about furniture, design and everything else. Give us a call, drop us an email or post us a letter if you’re old school.

Dimensions (mm)

2 Seat with roof (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 700 x 2150 x 450 x 720
2 Seat with roof & half wall (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 770 x 2150 x 450 x 720
2 Seat without roof (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 700 x 1800 x 450 x 720
4 Seat with roof (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 1200 x 2150 x 450 x 720
4 Seat with roof & half wall (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 1270 x 2150 x 450 x 720
4 Seat without roof (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 1200 x 1800 x 450 x 720
6 Seat with roof (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 1800 x 2150 x 450 x 720
6 Seat with roof & half wall (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 1870 x 2150 x 450 x 720
6 Seat without roof (L x D x H x SH x TH): 2010 x 1800 x 1800 x 450 x 720

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  • Fabrics & Finishes

    We offer 100's of fabrics, finishes and panels to customise your furniture.

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  • Power Options

    Made to meet every need, our power supplies include: UK sockets, USB-A and USB-C connections.

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