Fabrics & Finishes

We take immense pride in presenting an extensive selection of fabrics and laminate wood finishes. Our fabric choices span various textures, colors, and patterns to suit every taste and requirement.

Furthermore, our laminate wood finishes boast a diverse array of designs and textures, ranging from classic wood grains to contemporary styles. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of oak or the sleek modernity of matte finishes, we offer options to complement any interior aesthetic.

Working with the best

Collaborating closely with premier fabric brands, we prioritise both quantity and quality in our offerings. This means you'll find an extensive array of options, from traditional favourites to cutting-edge innovations. Our dedication ensures you receive top-tier materials that elevate your projects to new heights of excellence.

* Not available on certain products, please contact us for details. (v) Vinyl. Crib 5 (BS7177 certified).

Fabric Bands

Fabric Band 6

Camira Pattern Maker

Camira Revolution

Crest Contempo *

Gabriel Nobel

Gabriel Savoy

*Leather not available on all products

Acoustic Slatted Walls

The acoustic panels offer a combination of natural beauty with durability, versatility and excellent sound absorption. The panels are used on walls and ceilings to create a high quality decorative and acoustic environment. They are made from a Sound absorbing polyester substrate with a facing timber slat in 5 veneer finishes.

Foresso Cladding

Made of waste wood sourced from trees felled in Britain and hand finished in Birmingham. Perfect for everyday surfaces such as tables, worktops, and furniture. All timber comes from city maintenance, local sawmills, or even building sites. The focus has always been on creating new circular economies rather than diverting waste from existing recycling efforts.

Archisonic Acoustics

High-performance acoustic absorber made from up-cycled plastic bottles.‎ Choose from 25 colours. The material is available in 12 mm and 24 mm thicknesses.‎ The complete collection is LEED Accredited and Cradle to Cradle Certified and addresses the acoustical challenges in projects.‎

Cork Wall Acoustics

The cork panels are made of recycled cork. It is a combination of unique design and care for the environment. A combination of high quality with the sincerity of the material. Naturally. It takes care of its acoustics and microclimate. It is created without harm to the environment.

Thanks to their shape, corkwall panels can be arranged in one direction, create symmetrical patterns or create a unique composition. There are countless combinations.