Product Aftercare


For most orders our furniture will arrive ready assembled but from time to time as with all furniture, it is worth checking the tightness of any screws and bolts. Be careful where you position the furniture as direct sunlight may cause some fabrics to fade.


We use a variety of different textiles on our products, and it is important for you to check cleaning instructions before you treat them. These details are available from us directly or the relevant furniture manufacturer. Cleaning often is important to maintain the appearance and durability of the fabric. Vacuum as part of your everyday cleaning and wipe away spills before they have chance to dry. You may also use a mild environmentally friendly detergent with warm water (please test on a small hidden area first and avoid rubbing as this could damage the fabric fibres).


Wipe all steel surfaces with a damp cloth. Most of our steel products are powder coated as this a much more environmentally friendly finish than chrome or lacquer, and so a simple wipe with a clean cloth (with mild detergent for stubborn marks) will have your steelwork looking brand new.


Wipe with a damp cloth or use furniture polish. Always dry your furniture afterwards using a dry cloth. Do not use abrasive detergents, sponges or cloths as this will affect the finish of your furniture. Remove any ink, wine or wax stains using acetone or methylated spirits, then wipe the surface with a damp cloth and finish by wiping the surface with a dry cloth.


Vacuum regularly and wipe leather with a slightly damp cloth – always dry the leather. Use leather treatment regularly (only use approved leather care products). This will ensure your leather furniture will age beautifully.


Wipe regularly with a damp cloth or furniture polish. Do not use any abrasive detergent, sponges or cloths. Wood is a natural material and may move or change colour over time. It is not recommended to push woodwork against a heating source such as a radiator as this will cause warping.


For regular maintenance, gently dust the surface using a soft, dry cloth. For occasional cleaning, use a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as spirits or bleaches on the cork surface. Additionally, prevent direct contact with hot objects and promptly wipe away any spills. Once spills are cleaned, ensure the entire surface is wiped down. To prevent fading, avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Keep the cork away from extreme temperatures and climate fluctuations. Avoid placing it near radiators. It's crucial to maintain stable living conditions for your wood furniture.

Any questions or queries?

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