Teeside University Pebble Seating

Teesside University is a public university with its main campus in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire in Northeast England. It was officially opened as Constantine Technical College in 1930, before becoming a polytechnic in 1969, and finally granted university status in 1992 by the Privy Council.

The Meet Up

Our initial responsibility was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client's requirements and project expectations. In this instance, we collaborated with 'Southern Broadstock,' who conducted a detailed specification of the job.

The Vision

Following the introductory meeting, it became evident that Teeside University sought customized furniture to make a notable impression in the entrance lobby, introduce private workspaces within the exhibition area's open space, and craft a comfortable and inviting breakout space. Numerous challenges arose in addressing the need for bespoke products, unique designs, and modifications to existing items.

View Bea Meeting Pod

The products

We enhanced our existing Bea roofed den by incorporating wooden cladding on the exterior, while eliminating the base and floor. This modification facilitated a seamless integration and eliminated the need for a step into the pods. The addition of Oliver seating, featuring its stylish angled back, created a comfortable breakout area complemented by our Timothy tables.

In the reception area, our 3D designer drew inspiration from nature to conceive and model a distinctive 'pebble' structure. Going beyond a mere seating solution, this design not only offers various seating options for waiting clients but also serves as an artistic focal point, transforming an otherwise open and underutilised space.

Any questions or queries?

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