Northumbrian Water

The Meet Up

Our first task was to fully understand what the client wanted and what their expectations for the project were. On this occasion we worked with ‘Ultimate Commercial Interiors’ who were able to go in and specify the job.

The Vision

After the initial meeting, it became clear that NWL wanted to refresh their outdated canteen space to not only make it more inviting, but to add functionality by creating a collaborative workspace and informative meeting place. With a timeframe of only 8 weeks and a space that had to accommodate over 100 employees, our teams worked tirelessly to create a plan that fitted their requirements. Incorporating a more modern approach with meeting pods allowed us to add that private meeting space that fitted in with more traditional canteen furniture.

View Bea Meeting Pods

The Products

Together with ‘Ultimate Commercial Interiors’ we installed 3 Bea 4 seat meeting pods and 2 Casper fluted low back banquette seating. Bea provides separation to their open café dining area, allowing a casual meeting space or private working area. Coupled with our Tabatha freestanding tables and comfortable seating, Bea is a comfortable and stylish place to sit.
Casper is our banquette seating on a plinth which adds a new level of style and comfort their canteen dining area. Made to measure, we were able to utilise their space and match the existing table lengths. What made this job possible was our flexibility to offer multiple fabrics within a single piece of furniture and deliver it all under budget within a tight timeframe.

Any questions or queries?

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