Coworking space Belfast

Coworking spaces are changing the way people in Belfast work. From individuals and entrepreneurs to large scale corporate teams, more and more are moving away from the corporate world and adopting a more relaxed environment. These spaces allow for more interaction and help save costs as you only pay for a space when it’s needed.

The Meet Up

The client wanted to utilise an empty space that had been vacant for some time for the purpose of creating a coworking space to rent out. The space had to be aesthetically pleasing, with modern, stylish furniture and meeting pods. We partnered with a trusted company called ‘Workshop NI’ and together with Plydesign, we developed an interior to surpass the clients’ expectations.

The Vision

When selecting the correct products we had to consider the existing surroundings and the overall request of the client. We opted for our Bea 2 seat meeting pod. The angled roof complimented the existing panelling on the walls and ceiling and added a unique feature to the workspace landscape. Open sides helped utilise the natural light and added privacy while making them feel open and spacious. We installed 5 Bea meeting pods, all fitted with tables, lighting and in seat power to ensure you could be connected wherever you sat.

View Bea Meeting Pod

Final Thoughts

Looking at the result we feel the quality of our products and the partnership with Workshop NI speaks for itself! We couldn’t be happier with the coworking space and the client was excited to get the space rented out as soon as we left. It is currently occupied by WSP who we have supplied pods to throughout the UK.

Any questions or queries?

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