We love fabric—its colours, textures, look, and feel. It just happens that we are incredibly skilled with it, too!

What makes us different?

Yes we offer a wide range of fabrics and materials and yes we can integrate multiple fabrics into a single product but that isn't what makes us different. It's our uniquely skilled and highly talented team of sewers that work their magic on the fabric that makes us stand out! Led by Violetta, this team is responsible for the impeccable attention to detail and finishing that has made us a main player in the industry. Whether sewing by machine or by hand, the understanding and experience of fabrics they possess is our secret weapon. They have the vision to turn a roll of fabric into something beautiful.

fabric cutting machine

Robots incoming!

We use a premium automated fabric cutter to make precision cut-outs in upholstery materials such as fabric, leather, and synthetic textiles. This machine saves time, improves accuracy and consistency, and reduces waste fabric. Let's take a look at the process:

  1. Patterns are designed and created using specialist software and are saved for future use.
  2. The patterns are then sent to the machine and loaded in, ready to cut.
  3. A roll of fabric is added to the cradle and lowered into place, where the machine rolls it out onto the flatbed.
  4. Using CNC technology, the machine can make precision cuts and follow the exact shapes mapped out in the pattern.
  5. The individual pieces are collected and organised, ready for the next stage.
sewing on machine

Our super sewing team!

Our skilled sewing team then take over, employing their expertise and attention to detail to hand-stitch the fabric pieces together, creating the fabric shell of the furniture piece. There is more to it than you think! The team must consider the fabric's grain, pattern matching, and seam strength. This process requires technical skill and a keen eye for aesthetics, as the quality of the stitching contributes significantly to the overall look and durability of the finished product.


Working with the best

Collaborating closely with premium fabric brands, we prioritise quantity and quality in our offerings. This means you'll find many options, from traditional favourites to cutting-edge innovations. Our dedication ensures you receive top-tier materials that elevate your projects to new heights of excellence.

We only work with the best and our supplier list boasts some of the biggest names in the industry including Abbortsford, Agua, Camira, Chieftan, Crest, Gabriel, Inloom, Kvadrat, Ultra Fabrics.

fabric donated to school

Recycling and repurposing

Recycling as much as possible and finding new life for offcut materials in smaller projects or through responsible local partnerships helps minimise waste going to landfills. We donate leftover rolls of material to local schools, colleges and businesses.

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Any questions or queries?

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