New London showroom

We are open! After months of hard work and planning, we opened the doors to our new showroom at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. What did we want to achieve with our new space?

Functional space

So many showrooms struggle to find a balance between offering a wide range of products and not overcrowding a space. With the help of 2gdesignandbuild, we have been able to fit an impressive range of our products into our showroom without sacrificing the feeling of open space when you walk around.

We have included several different areas in one space, offering ways to use our furniture to create boundaries without physical walls. Casual seating and breakout areas, planters used as dividers, multi-functional sofa dens, and new portable meeting rooms are just a few ways we divided our space. We also have a dedicated area for fabrics and finishes.


Every element of our new showroom had a thought process with the goal of being THE showroom that breaks the mould. Our in-house interior designer and sustainability expert, Sadie Millermaggs, carefully selected every piece of furniture to showcase its distinct shape - from the iconic peak of the Bea meeting pod roof, the gentle curves of a Stella sofa den, the sharp continuous lines of the bespoke bridge linking two Clara acoustic pods and the use of natural light, illuminating every inch of the space.

Textures played a massive role in the overall design, and we utilised a wide range of fabrics and materials to make our showroom as distinct and interactive as possible.

Our moss wall was a huge success. We wanted to portray how nature is finding a way to co-exist in an industrial world and helping us create a better balance in our designs.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and is something we are actively trying to improve on daily. This is not only in our product production but also extends to our interior design choices. We utilised a series of materials made from recycled industrial waste or natural sources.

foresso worktops

Foresso is created from offcut timber from city maintenance, local sawmills, and even building sites and is bound using a non-toxic and formaldehyde-free binder glue. Foresso added a beautiful finish to our kitchen worktops.



We chose Forbo Marmoleum flooring not only for its amazing aesthetics and durability but also for its sustainability credentials. Marmoleum is a unique linoleum floor covering made of natural raw materials such as linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, rosin, and jute. These materials are often obtained from their natural habitat, where they grow and renew themselves, often in just 12 months.

woven image acoustic panels

Woven Image is an acoustic panel manufacturer with a DNA of sustainability and circular economy. The acoustic finishes and textiles are made using recycled materials, predominantly post-consumer PET plastic. We couldn't be happier with how their panels look in our showroom.

benholm group plants

Using natural plants from Benholm Group throughout the showroom added a new depth. It created a real sense of openness, seamlessly merging indoors and outdoors.

Product offering

Every product we make is made with the same level of care, attention, and detail, which has made JDD Furniture a prominent name in the furniture design and manufacturing world. We are showcasing a large portion of our portfolio, including meeting pods that cater to standard and accessible options, sofa dens, soft seating, sofas, planters, and stools.

bob rooms

We launched several new products which were very well received by everyone at Clerkenwell. Bob and Clara rooms are our new flexible and customisable meeting rooms, allowing you to add an entire meeting room to your space without needing physical walls.

athena media unit

Athena is a media unit, available in high and low options, that adds a meeting point for meetings, presentations, or to take a break and grab a coffee.

henry stool

Our Henry stool is the brainchild of our in-house product designer, Henry Watson. He wanted to build a stool we could completely manufacture at our HQ that would use minimal materials, be fast to make, and be comfortable and stylish.

terry bubble seating

Finally, with its playful and comfortable curves, Terry, our bubble sofa, creates welcoming breakout seating that was a real hit with everyone who saw it. Terry's modular nature means it can be configured to match your needs.

Learn more about our new products.

A HUGE Thank you!

From James Mercy, Joe Duffell, and the entire JDD Furniture team, we would like to thank everyone for making CDW2024 our biggest and best Clerkenwell design week yet! We were overwhelmed with the positive reactions and feedback to our new London showroom and new products. Our success was only possible because of your loyalty and continued trust in us to provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

A special thanks is also needed to several collaboration partners who made our dream possible: 2gdesignandbuild for their love of design and hard work in our layout. Benholm for their fantastic selection of plants and trees. Humanscale, thank you for providing us with their unique stools and chairs.

We are excited to start a new chapter with new and existing friends and can't wait to see where it takes us!

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