Livin Housing

In a testament to the power of strategic collaboration, we and 'Ultimate Commercial Interiors' joined forces to embark on an exceptional project with Livin Housing. Combining skills of furniture craftsmanship and commercial interiors, a partnership was made to transform vision into reality. From conceptualisation to execution, this collaboration showcases the harmonious blend of creativity, precision, and dedication that defines the success of the venture.

The Meet Up

To understand what the customer wanted and to ensure we were able to help effectively and efficiently, we worked with ‘Ultimate Commercial Interiors’ who were able to go in and specify the job.

The Vision

Livin Housing – Spennymoor have a 1st floor office and wanted to integrate a breakout area to nestle in amongst the desks and office environment. The space had to be comfortable and welcoming, whilst having an obvious separation from the surrounding area. The main purpose of this was to allow employees and stakeholders an area to take a well-deserved break or have a collaborative thinking space away from their desks.

View Banquette Seating

The Products

Together with ‘Ultimate Commercial Interiors’ we installed custom Colin banquette seating. Colin was styled in 2 tone green fabric with steel legs and finished with horizontal fluting on the back panels. Banquette seating is ideal when there is limit space and you want to utilise as much potential seating as possible. This job was made due to our flexibility on adapting an existing product to match their exact needs, in this case switching the fluting from vertical to horizontal.

Any questions or queries?

At JDD Furniture, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our existing and new customers. If you have any questions, ideas or you want a quote on a custom job then just drop us a message using the link below.