Addressing Two Big Challenges: Supporting Schools and Tackling Waste


Addressing Two Big Challenges: Supporting Schools and Tackling Waste

Our sustainability expert, Sadie, has been on a mission to reduce waste and help local schools. Let's look at the problem and the solution:


Problem 1: School Funding Woes

Schools across the country are facing tough times when it comes to funding. Sadly, where does this hit the hardest? You guessed it – the art and design departments. With budgets stretched thin, paints, craft materials, and textiles are in constant short supply. It's a tough spot for both teachers and students alike.

fabric at landfill


Problem 2: The Growing Waste Dilemma

On the other hand, as a society, we've got a growing problem with waste. Landfills are filling up faster than ever, and it's time we all took steps to change. Luckily, using a waste management system guarantees that product waste from JDD Furniture will not go to landfills. This is a big step in the right direction for our planet and the company.

Sadie millermaggs


Doing Our Part

Now, here's where we come in. At JDD Furniture, we're committed to reducing waste every step of the way. Sure, manufacturing waste is inevitable, but we're working hard to minimise it daily. Recently, our in-house sustainability expert, Sadie Millermaggs, took a big step by loading the van (with help) with over a ton of material and hand-delivering it to local schools and academies. It wasn't just about dropping off goods – it was about building relationships and making a real difference for the environment and the education of local children.

fabric in a classroom

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, our goal is simple: to forge even stronger relationships with schools, academies, and local businesses. We can build an initiative for a greener, more reusable future that benefits us all. So here's to taking action and positively impacting our communities and beyond.

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