We make work more inspiring.

For ten years we've empowered
working environments around
the globe to help let the
ideas flow.

Our Philosophy

We believe that great design has the power to change, not only how we live and work, but also how we feel. We’re passionate about function and form. And we’re just as passionate about bringing them to life unadulterated, uncompromised, using skilled hands and high quality materials.

Our Values

With the ever-changing office environment, we set out to design and create furniture that would set people free from their desks. Our creations allowed people to truly inhabit their work spaces. It’s how we came up with the very first roof den. And it’s the thinking behind all our products today.

A Bespoke Service

We design, hand make, and install all of our products out of our factory in Birmingham, UK. So it’s no problem if you want something a little bit, or even a lot, different from our standard specification. Just give us a call. You’ll find our service agile, personal and truly bespoke.

Birmingham Born

The Midlands, and Birmingham in particular, has a rich manufacturing history. Known the world over as the home of the industrial revolution, it remains a hotbed of skilled craftsmen and retains both an international reputation, and a heritage we’re proud to be associated with.

Cut from a better cloth

We use fabrics that have been woven all across Europe. But where we can, we prefer to source as locally as possible. One of our main suppliers weaves most of their fabric in Yorkshire – whose mills, at their peak, were the finest in the world. Although the mills may not be there anymore, the quality and care for the process still exists.

Large or small, we always aim to deliver in the quickest and most cost effective way. Here’s a few of the clients we love working with.

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