It’s our 10th Birthday today. Thank you!

We’d like to give the biggest of thank yous to our incredible Joint Design Direction family; our team, clients and all of our supporters along the way. We wouldn’t be where we are now without you. Now we invite you to take a seat (maybe a Libby chair) and join us for the next 10 years.

So far…

  • 10 years
  • 3650 days
  • 30 collections designed
  • 10,000+ pieces of furniture made
  • 5 continents and 20+ countries delivered to
  • 37 team members
  • 2 showrooms
  • 2 factories
  • 8 vehicle fleet
  • 5 websites
  • 1 rebrand


10 years ago today, Joe and James put pen to paper and JDD was founded. People often say that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey and for us, it’s about both. The last 10 years have been an adventure, a lot of hard work and an achievement for which we regularly have to pinch ourselves. As our company has grown exponentially in the last few years, so has our energy and ambition. We decided to take a look back at where we started, and where we are now.

Bold ideas have been at the heart of JDD since the very beginning. Having studied design at University, our founders – school friends James and Joe – went on to work with some of the industry’s leading furniture and product design studios, doing commissions on everything from furniture to hydrogen cars. It was whilst catching up over a beer in Christmas 2009 that they decided to build their own quality and innovative furniture company.

JDD started life in the dining rooms of James and Joe but in no time they opened an office in Wolverhampton. Fast forward two years later, and we snapped up office space in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter. An area that combines innovative designs and high-quality materials with the very best of traditional craftsmanship, we can’t think of anywhere we would rather have as our base. It has been home to our main office and studio for almost 8 years now, and has recently enjoyed a vibrant makeover.

We have always proudly designed, hand made, and installed all of our products here in the West Midlands. The opening of our first factory and the need to us to take on a second production site last year were significant moments for us. It is very important to us that the products are made locally to ensure quality and lead times (usually 4-6 weeks) are maintained. Our team of craftsmen are second to none, and an integral part of the JDD family.

Having regularly exhibited in London, including at our first 100% Design event in September 2010 (where we won our first Google offices contract), we have been continuously inspired in the well-known hotbed of design talent in Clerkenwell and beyond. We knew that having a London base would be vital in our journey. So the opening of our very own London showroom in 2018 – in Clerkenwell, no less – was a huge accomplishment for us.

Over the years, it’s not just furniture that we’ve built. We have also built strong relationships and our clients have been instrumental in our journey so far. Our products take pride of place in the offices of creative giants such as Google, Facebook, Sony, Vodafone and LinkedIn, as well as numerous universities across the UK.

But our ambition has always been to be a local business with a global reach. We’re proud to say that you can find JDD furniture worldwide, in the USA, Canada, St Lucia, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Russia, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Finland… you get the idea. We know, deafening trumpet blow. But we’re excited, what can we say!

James and Joe started with the aim of combining young design talent with experienced manufacturing knowledge. This aim remains at the core of JDD. Once a year we mentor design pupils between the ages of 16-18 at the very school that gave us our first education in design. In addition, we work as visiting lecturers at Universities across the UK, both teaching design and sharing our experience in creating JDD. We aim to create an environment that enables new young designers to enjoy a freedom to experiment and create beyond university. We want to share what we have learnt, and in turn learn from the best new young designers in the process. Needless to say, this is one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of life at JDD.

We believe that great design has the power to change, not only how we live and work, but also how we feel. With the ever-changing office environment, we set out to design and create furniture that would set people free from their desks and inspire creativity. Our designs allowed people to truly inhabit their workspaces. It’s how we came up with the very first roof den, Bill. And it remains the thinking behind our ever-growing range of products for the future.


Here’s to the next 10 years!

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