Innovative Birmingham-based furniture designers, JDD celebrate 10 years.

This year will mark ten years in business for innovative office furniture brand, JDD. JDD, which stands for Join Design Direction, was established by designers and old school friends, Joe and James. Their unusual and somewhat ambitious objective was to redefine the modern office by creating furniture that makes the space more flexible and ultimately more useful – encouraging collaboration, communication and, where necessary, privacy.

“JDD is about designing with people in mind,” says Joe. “Our furniture has the potential to change the way work spaces are used. Just because you work in an office doesn’t mean you have to be tied to a desk all day.”

Over the years the company has developed something of a reputation for innovation and creativity. They were the original creators of the roofed den – a two, four or six-seat alternative to the traditional meeting room – and they’ve even seen their products in the offices of creative giants including Google, Facebook and Sony.

But as well as their playfulness (their brightly coloured furniture has names like Bob and Mylo), they’re also known for their quality and workmanship.

“We’re designers first and foremost,” explains James, “so we look at every problem from the perspective of function and aesthetics. We’re not engineers focussed on making use of every thread of material. What matters to us is how we can make people feel. We won’t compromise on that.”

The business’s uncompromising attitude is made possible by fact that all of their products are hand made at their manufacturing base in Dudley with their showroom in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, where they’ve been from the very beginning. And although the business is celebrating its second decade with a new website, new branding, and a plan to take its office-changing vision out across Europe and beyond, those traditional values aren’t up for debate.

Joe concludes, “Design, craft, local community and personal service all mean a lot us. In the next ten years we’re not necessarily focussed on growing our size. We just want to grow into a local business with a global reach.”

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