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Meet Delia.

The Delia collection offers a variety of seating options, all with comfortable seating positions and high quality upholstery details.

Delia allows private concentration space for one person, and excellent collaboration space for up to 6 people. The Den units allow for the integration of more technology, with TV screens for small group presentation and power and data connectivity.

Need to look at the spec guides, 2D or 3D CAD files?

Size One Sofa

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  • l 1200
  • d 800
  • h 1400
1 seat sofa
2 seat sofa
3 seat sofa

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Size One Sofa den

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  • l 2400
  • d 1200
  • h 1400
2 person den no seats
2 person den 1 seat
2 person den 2 seats
4 person den no seat
4 person den 1 seat
4 person den 2 seats
6 person den no seats
6 person den 1 seat
6 person den 2 seats

* required